Eliminate Your Spare Tire by Being in the Driver’s Seat of Your Health

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  Like many jobs, being a truck driver has its risks that could lead to major health issues if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Similar to how you’re in charge of your truck, you’re in charge of your own health, so be in the driver’s seat on your own self-care. Care When You Need […]

Family Driven, Family Approved

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At TanTara, we are family oriented, so we believe time spent with your family is just as important as time spent on the road. Because we value our employees and their time, they enjoy coming to work. Our drivers are dedicated but they aren’t the only ones putting in hours of hard work; their spouses […]

Flatbed Safety Tips All Truck Drivers Should Know

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The nature of your occupation may, at times, expose you to risks of injury that are often preventable. Nobody wants to be laid up in the hospital or at home, instead of doing your job and providing for yourself. You may roll your eyes at some of these obvious safety reminders, but if it sparks […]

Ten Tips for Truck Driver Safety in Winter

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Ten Tips for Truck Driver Safety in Winter Tis the season . . .  for wintry weather driving conditions. At TanTara, truck driver safety is very important and our drivers focus on safety during all four seasons. But we realize that winter driving requires extra care and planning. Whether you’re a long-haul driver or pulling […]

Owner – Operators Partner With TanTara

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Owner Operators Are An Important Part Of Our Family. Chat with TanTara employees, and you’ll notice a word each of them use to describe their job – Family. Everyone who works at TanTara feels like they’re part of a family, which makes them appreciate their job so much more. Although contracting with TanTara as an owner-operator […]

Diesel Technician Shortage

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Diesel Mechanics Needed! Why The Shortage? A severe shortage of trained and qualified diesel technicians is causing demand to skyrocket! A number of factors have led to the industry’s current shortage, namely retiring baby boomers, fewer diesel technician graduates, and an economy that’s on the move. The number of diesel technician graduates has decreased over […]

VA Jobs – Kenny De Witt Joins The Veterans Apprenticeship Program

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Kenny De Witt Joins The Veterans Apprenticeship Program Saying TanTara Transportation is a welcoming environment for veterans and U.S. Service members is an understatement. This company was founded by Vietnam war veteran Mike Riggan, whose son Dave is TanTara’s Safety Director and an Iraq war veteran. We know the difficulties that can accompany transitioning back […]

From 6 Wheels to 18 Wheels – Mark Devol joins the TanTara family.

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Transition To OTR Trucking Mark Devol was no stranger to the trucking industry before making his move to join the TanTara Family. As a driver for Pepsi, he spent 24 years behind the wheel, traveling his routes and mastering the art of urban driving with a truck. Since he was comfortable operating a delivery truck […]

Quality Consistency Driver Jackets

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TanTara Transportation awarded 13 drivers with our last Quality Consistency Driver jacket to drivers who have earned them in 2017. These jackets are only given to drivers who’ve never gotten one before and have received a semiannual quality consistency bonus twice in a row. To receive the bonus drivers must have had no accidents/incidents, good fuel and maintenance […]

Hiring Only The Best: TanTara’s Guide to a Professional Fleet

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Hiring Professional Truck Drivers For more than three decades, TanTara Transportation has been a trusted national carrier. We believe our success is due to one major reason: our people. At TanTara, we’re more than a business; we’re a family. Because we treat our team members the same way we treat our clients, we have very […]

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