Truck Driver Tax Season Tips Every Trucker Should Know

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Truck Driver Tax Deductions

Trucking Taxes

You don’t sit behind an office desk. You’re not on a factory floor. You don’t teach in classroom. And you’re not in a lab. No, your work location changes each and every day. Your workplace is your cab. And you’re always on the go. You’re a truck driver.

Your truck is both your home and your office while you’re on the road. And as such, did you know you qualify for some unique tax deductions?

From antennas to Armor All™ and WD-40® to window screens, your truck requires a lot of tools and maintenance. If you’re shelling out for items, you can deduct them on your tax returns.

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Think of some of the tools of your trade, the things that make you a successful and safe driver: GPS, work gloves, load bars, tire irons, and hard hats. Then consider the items you need to pay for while you’re on the road: meals, showers, parking fees, cleaning supplies, cab or bus fare, and office supplies. The dollars really start to stack up, don’t they?

Make sure you keep accurate records and receipts. When it comes to tax time, you’ll be glad you did. If a purchase can only be used for your work, it’s probably deductible. In addition to supplies, think of non-material expenses you incur as a truck driver. A few of these might include:

  • Trucking industry magazines and publications
  • Your Department of Transportation physical
  • Your association dues for OOIDA
  • Dry-cleaning fees for your uniform
  • Sleep apnea testing or other medical expenses related directly to your job

If you don’t file your own taxes, find a good tax preparer who has experience filing taxes for truck drivers. He or she will advise you on exactly what is deductible and what is not. For example, you cannot claim any charges that were already paid by your employer, list clothing items that could be logically worn outside your job scope, deduct your personal commuting costs to and from work, or claim any vacation time you took from work.

At TanTara Transportation Corporation, we know how incredibly hard our flatbed and long-haul drivers work. We want to help you. That’s why we created this infographic above. Tax day—May 17, 2021—is fast approaching. Print out this graphic and share it with your fellow truckers. We want to make sure you receive every refund and deduction you’re due. Thanks for keeping our roads safe, thanks for moving all our goods and commodities, and thanks for all your work.

If you’re interested in a career driving for TanTara Transportation, apply today & we will contact you with more information.

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