"To be the Safest and Most Consistent Quality Provider of Specialized Transportation Services."

To Be The Safest

It is part of our mission statement, it is part of who we are, and it is part of who we will always strive to be. For the last 40 years, TanTara has been a proven safe carrier. We pride ourselves on our low accident history and the quality of our drivers.

Our drivers are the dominant factor in everything we do. TanTara is very selective about whom we put behind the wheel. In fact, we enter driver applicants into a customized process before making the final decision to hire. We want to employ only the safest drivers available. To accomplish that, we go above and beyond the industry standard procedures.

Hiring a driver is a risk and a gamble. After all, we put them in charge of our customer’s product, our equipment, our livelihood, and the safety of the general public. First and foremost, we require that all driver applicants schedule a face-to-face interview. We want to meet our candidates and get to know them before hiring. We believe there is a lot to be said about a driver's commitment to safety based upon his or her appearance and professionalism.

As part of our hiring process at TanTara, we require all driver applicants to go through the WorkSteps program. This program helps ensure that prospective drivers have the mental and physical capability to safely perform their job. WorkSteps puts the applicant through a series of physically demanding tests specific to the job for which they are applying. Successful completion of the WorkSteps program tells us they are capable of meeting all job requirements and safely operating a CMV on the road.

For any questions about our safety programs or policies, please contact our Safety Director, Dave Riggan.

TanTara Safe, TanTara Strong

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