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"I have been in this industry since 1978 when my former company closed I was looking for a company to finish my career at and retire from, bout 8 yrs ago or so I picked Tan Tara because they're a family company. Awesome people to talk to, they give you the straight skinny, you're not just a number, they're Vet friendly and they understand this industry and what we go through as drivers. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a home in this industry."

Ray Norris - TanTara Driver

"I really like trucking, it's probably the best thing I've ever done. Something I've always wanted to do was own my own truck...hopefully with TanTara I'll own one of their trucks one day."

Randy Bishop - TanTara Driver

"Their training program is phenomenal for a new truck driver They give you all the training and tools necessary for you to be able to succeed."

Greg Lull - TanTara Driver

"If you are looking for a good family to come to, to make money, to feel comfortable, to be able to come home to your family...this would be the place to be."

Robert Squire III - TanTara Driver

The reasons I've chosen TanTara to stay and grow old with: seeing the country, being in the outdoors, and doing the exercise of the job are just a few daily perks."

Tom Burns - TopGun Driver, since 2012

“I love working for a company that supports my values and has such a positive outlook.  My experience with TanTara has made such a huge difference to my daily life...for the positive.”  

Jennifer Rodgers - TanTara Driver, since 2014

"I started working for TanTara Transportation Corp. in May 1989 on a two-week, temporary job assignment. I soon learned that Mike Riggan considered each employee a very important member of the TanTara family. He has always shown his concern for their individual needs and has made every effort to ensure their success in the industry. TanTara does not just provide a job; they provide each employee the opportunity to share the experience of working for a company that cares about their employees. I retired from TanTara in 2010 after 21 years but I continue to work on a part time basis."

Judy Hepker - Board Secretary, since 1989

"Coming to work for TanTara has been the best decision I have ever made. TanTara treats me with utmost respect. It is a great company where I feel like family. The equipment is great. My family likes the time I am home as well. My family and myself are happy, content, and proud to be a part of the TanTara family.

Dispatch is respectful and honest. They always make sure to keep me rolling and get me home. When my truck or trailer needs some work or a service the shop gets me in and out quickly. The office personnel are fun and great to work with. They are knowledgeable and help me stay compliant with the DOT.

TanTara just lets me be a trucker. An honest days work is always rewarded with an honest days pay."

Rick Sorensen - TopGun Driver, since 2009

"TanTara, although a Corporation and my job, has always been a part of my family. Over the years when it has been important for me to be home, Mike and everyone involved has seen to it that I was home. Mike, Diane, and their children, the drivers and all other workers have developed a great friendship. I take pride in the class A equipment I am given to drive. I feel confident when I report something in need of repair the job will be done ASAP. When times were rough for me, Mike and the other co-workers have always come to my aide. The above mentioned and many more perks are the reason I am still with TanTara, perks you cannot get with a big box trucking company."

Mack Smith - TopGun Driver, since 1989

"I love the people at TanTara. Drivers, dispatchers, bosses, mechanics, they all treated me great it's the only company I worked in my life they knew you by name and not by employee number. Not to mention the equipment is CLASS."

Brian Williams - Former TanTara Driver

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