Take Your CDL Test Before February 2022

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Why You Should Take Your CDL Test Before February 2022

Are you an entry-level driver candidate? Are you thinking about getting your CDL? If so, you will want to act right away, because regulations are changing in February to require entry-level drivers to attend a government certified driving school before they can get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). TanTara Transportation wants you to save thousands and begin driving—and earning money—sooner. If you want to get your CDL and become a commercial truck driver, we can help but you need to act now before BIG government stands in your way.


Regulations for CDL Training are Changing

Here’s the deal: On February 7, 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will begin regulating who and how you choose to obtain/prepare for your CDL . First-time applicants for a Class A or Class B CDL will have to prove they completed a Government certified driving school at their state driver licensing agency. Get the complete details from the Iowa DOT.


Certified courses may be difficult to find, and they take time and money. We encourage you to start earning a salary sooner by taking the CDL test as soon as you can. You still have time, and TanTara can assist you in preparing and taking the test.


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Preparing for the CDL Test

Here are a few quick tips for preparing for the CDL test:

  • Study the CDL Manual — Your first step should be to download a copy of the CDL guide for your state and study it cover to cover. The CDL test randomly selects about 50 questions from more than 1,000 possible questions about commercial driving.
  • Take Self Tests — Once you’ve read through the entire manual, test your knowledge by answering questions using an official app designed for your state, such as the Iowa CDL Test App. Work toward the passing grade of 80% or better. Self tests give you a good idea of what you need to study.
  • Practice Driving — Whenever you can, get behind the wheel of a flatbed truck, grain truck or other semi to practice driving. The CDL test includes pre-inspection, skills and driving tests as well as an air brake test.
  • Contact TanTara — We’re here to help. Call us (800) 650-0292) with questions or for guidance on how to prepare for the CDL test.


Start Earning Sooner—Act Today

If you’re ready to begin your driving career, please let us know. Every year, TanTara works with individuals who have gained experience driving trucks on their family farms. If that is you, we will loan you a truck for your CDL driving skills test. We would love to help you achieve your goals of getting your CDL and earning good money driving a truck.

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Don’t wait! Get behind the wheel sooner by taking your CDL test before February 2022! If you have questions about driving careers, the CDL test, or the assistance we can provide, contact TanTara now.



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