TanTara Bulk Transload & Storage Co.

TanTara Bulk Transload & Storage Co. was founded in 2022 as a subsidiary of TanTara Transportation Corp. in Muscatine, Iowa. TanTara Transportation (est. 1981) has specialized in the transportation of bulk tanker shipments for the past 42 years. Seeing an opportunity to diversify and further expand services to the bulk industry, TanTara acquired this facility in the fall of 2022. This bulk facility was built by Slay Industries in 2002 and later, owned/operated by Kinder Morgan until 2020.

Offering 1 million gallons of indoor storage capacity, this site will be ready to start operations in late spring of 2023. TanTara has future plans of utilizing the available real estate to expand the tank storage capabilities at this site even further, as well as expanding the rail car storage capacity.

TanTara’s bulk location sits on the Mississippi River, giving it the capability to be developed for barge traffic. Additionally, the site currently has 5 acres available for future expansion.

Facility Overview

The building is a 12,750 Sq. Ft. enclosed tank depot facility with a connecting 4,250 Sq. Ft. truck loadout area. Located in the heart of the Midwest and on the Mississippi River, this site has potential to provide services via river, rail, and road.

  • 50,000-gallon capacity #304 stainless steel storage tanks (quantity of 10)
  • 100,000-gallon capacity #304 stainless steel storage tanks (quantity of 5)
  • 3 rail spurs serviced by Canadian Pacific Railroad
  • Direct transfer – rail to truck & direct transfer rail to storage tank
  • Truck Loadout area consists of six bays to load trucks out of storage, or unload trucks into storage.
  • Location access from nearby interstates 80 & 74, as well as U.S. Highway 61
aerial view of facility

Bulk Tank Storage

TanTara’s Bulk storage facility houses 5 storage tanks with 100,000 gallons of capacity and 10 more tanks with 50,000 gallons of storage capacity. All 15 tanks are #304 stainless steel.

Rail to Truck Transloading

This location is equipped with 3 rail spurs capable of storing 12 rail cars, serviced by Canadian Pacific. There are 3 racks for transloading rail cars, all with boiler, steam, & nitrogen capabilities.

view of train using tracks top view of train tracks area

Truck Loadout

Six bays available to load trucks out of storage tanks or to unload trucks into storage tanks.

  • Meter Capacity
  • 50-ton scale on site
truck loading warehouse

Time Zones

Pacific Zone

7:12 PM

Mountain Zone

8:12 PM

Central (home)

9:12 PM

Eastern Zone

10:12 PM