Dedicated Fleet

When it comes to dedicated fleet service, trust the trucks that treat every load as if it’s one of their own. TanTara Transportation provides reliable dedicated fleet service which allows businesses to focus their efforts on what they do best. Our commitment to providing high-quality fleet service has led us to continually invest in our people, equipment, and customers.

When implementing a dedicated fleet from TanTara your business will be assigned a group of tractors, trailers, drivers, and other resources. TanTara’s resources will carry out all transportation operations that you previously managed on your own, or maybe that your current transportation provider was not meeting expectations on.

Driving is our specialty

Contracting with TanTara Transportation eliminates the stress, hassle, and inefficiencies associated with managing your own fleet or working with a subpar carrier who isn’t holding up to their end of the contract. By outsourcing your fleet management to an experienced transportation company, your business is able to re-allocate time, money, and resources to parts of the operation that can use extra attention. TanTara’s dedicated fleet solutions not only help businesses invest in themselves, but also offer peace of mind knowing their goods and materials are being delivered on time and in good condition.

Outsourcing is investing

Aside from freeing up your assets to be utilized more efficiently, TanTara’s dedicated fleet service allow you to inject saved expenditures back into the business. Once your business starts working with TanTara you’ll no longer need to purchase, maintain, repair, or update a fleet, you won’t dedicate resources to finding and hiring drivers, you can eliminate insurance payments for the fleet, and in some cases you’re able to sell your trucks and trailers.

We’re an extension of YOU

TanTara’s dedicated fleet service only operates the highest-quality specialized equipment available; couple that with a custom branded truck & trailer with your logo on it and every truck on the road will be turning heads.

The safety and durability of our trailers ensure maximum protection for the freight they carry. Also protecting your freight is our skilled drivers. TanTara drivers are the dominant factor in everything we do. We’ve created a stringent process that helps us attract and retain the absolute best drivers and employees. Perhaps most beneficial to your business, our driver retention rate is five times better than the industry average—ensuring that you will have the same drivers moving your business for a long time.

When it comes to choosing a dedicated carrier, there’s the rest & then there’s the best. Hire TanTara for your freight handling needs and you’ll receive the high-quality service you deserve.

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