Hamel Positions

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Why Choose TanTara Transportation Corp.

If you want to drive for a company that treats their employees like family, TanTara Transportation Corp. is the right company for you. We greet you by name and make you feel welcome. It is how we have treated everyone for the last 38 years. In addition to our competitive pay rates, health insurance and 401(k), you can enjoy our list of other great benefits.


About the Available Positions

Currently, we have two driving positions open in Hamel, Illinois which involves operating a Conestoga flatbed trailer.

The first position is a day run starting at 5 a.m. and ending between 4-5 p.m., depending on how efficient the driver is delivering. You can count on being home daily and on weekends. Delivering within a 150-mile radius in and around St. Louis, Missouri, the driver is prepared to make several drops—which may differ daily—during their time frame.

The second position is a night run starting around 4:45 p.m. and ending between 5-6 a.m., depending on how quickly the shipper loads the trailer. You can depend on being home daily and not having to work on weekends. This position involves driving to Chicago, Illinois, loading the trailer and returning it back to Hamel, so the day driver can begin their route.


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Safety and Consistent Quality is Our Mission

Our drivers are the dominant factor in everything we do, and we are very selective about who we put behind the wheel. TanTara’s drivers are dedicated and dependable who can complete their runs efficiently. We go above and beyond the industry standard procedures.


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Both positions are full-time with access to our quality equipment and maintenance when needed. We care about our drivers and their safety is our priority, so we always ensure our equipment is maintained, clean and ready for every shift. For the last 38 years, TanTara has been a proven safe carrier. We pride ourselves in our low accident history and the quality of our drivers.


Time Zones

Pacific Zone

7:59 PM

Mountain Zone

8:59 PM

Central (home)

9:59 PM

Eastern Zone

10:59 PM