“Looking Out for Drivers & Their Families”

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Adventure was calling Mike Hines when he began his flatbed trucking career in 2012. That mission has been accomplished and then some!

When Mike started with TanTara, he learned the “TanTara-Way” through hard work, communication and staying motivated! During his time he even worked his way up to competing in the Iowa Truck Driving Championship in 2016 and 2017.  But when a brain tumor temporarily robbed him of his vision several years ago, he barely skipped a beat! Mike credits his return to the company in part to the support he received from TanTara.TanTara Family

“Anything my family needed, they said they’d be there for us, and they were,” says Mike, who now serves as the company’s Driver Liaison. “TanTara was founded by an owner operator who instilled family values through the entire company. They really look out for truckers and their families. They let me ease back into work after I was sick.”

Mike’s Adventure

A Quad City native, Mike lives on a family farm in Alpha, Illinois, with his girlfriend, their three boys, and Harley the bulldog. He loved having new experiences in states across the country. One of his favorite moments was driving over the George Washington Bridge and seeing New York City lit up at night.


“If you want an adventure, truck driving is it! You get paid to see new things every day.”Driver Liaison Teaching Class

When he was fresh from truck driving school, Mike quickly learned the “TanTara -Way and worked up to training other flatbed drivers — many of whom remain with the company today. He continues to train other drivers in his current role, which TanTara customized for him based on his skills. As a Driver Liaison, Mike is unique in the trucking industry.

“Having driven flatbeds, I know how to secure loads if drivers have questions. Plus, I teach orientation, help with safety, advocate for drivers, and communicate with fleet managers about what drivers ask me about,” he says.

No One Left Behind

Mike notes that drivers are considered the most important employees at TanTara, and no one is left behind. He noted several occasions in which TanTara helped employees with situations where they got sick or a family member fell ill. One time, a driver was on the West Coast when their child became sick. TanTara flew him home immediately. When Mike’s mom had a heart attack, the company told Mike to turn around and get home, because family comes first.

Employee of Month

“TanTara truly lives by their philosophy of ‘No man left behind.’ They look after their own,” he says.

“I enjoy working for a small company and helping others start their driving adventure. It’s nice to be able to help other guys and see them stick with the company this whole time. Plus, there aren’t too many jobs without a four-year degree where you can make up to $100,000 your first year.”




At TanTara Transportation Corp., we’re more than a company; we’re a family. That’s the way we’ve treated everyone for the last 40 years.

If you’d like to join the TanTara Family & start a successful career, contact us! 

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