Best Driver Christmas Gifts for 2021

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Best Driver Christmas Gifts for 2021

This holiday season, as we continue to rely on drivers more than ever for timely delivery, remember to thank your favorite truck drivers with a thoughtful gift that will make their day. Not sure what gifts truckers will appreciate? We vetted several ideas for showing appreciation to truckers for their hard work this Christmas.


Pocket-Sized Multitool

A classic driver gift, the multitool now comes in a variety of micro sizes and styles. At home or in a truck, there’s nothing more convenient than 20-in-1 functionality! If your driver likes to fish, search for a multitool designed for threading and cutting fishing line as well as opening bottles. Shop at the major hunting goods stores to see several interesting multitool options. This list reviews several fishing multi tool options for you. [ ]


Cab Organizer

With all the options for cab organizers today, there’s no need for today’s truck drivers to dig around for their water bottle, phone, tablet, reading materials, and insurance info. Some organizers have coolers integrated into them as well as cup holders and pockets. Search online for different styles and sizes.


Filtering Water Bottle

Hydration is healthy, and water can be even better no matter where you are with filtering water bottles. The built-in filters ensure the water tastes great no matter where your driver stops to fill it up. You can find options in major discount chain stores as well as sporting goods retailers.


Snack Pack

Everyone loves a treat at the holiday time, so put together a snack pack for your drivers. Your care packages can include a variety of single-serving snacks, such as crackers, nuts, gummy treats, dried fruit, chocolate, trail mix, and bottled water. Choose a fun, colorful theme to make it a memorable surprise.


USB Charging Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlights—what a great idea! Today’s flashlights include torches that serve as charging banks, too. Check out the options Popular Mechanics has reviewed, including flashlights, headlamps, work lights, and more. [ ]


Portable Shower Kit

Give your favorite trucker a quality shower kit to make overnight trips easier. They’ll thank you for providing lots of pockets for their favorite shampoo, soap, and other personal care products. Look for one that can easily hang on the back of a door or over a towel bar in a hotel room or truck stop.


Bucket O’ Truck Care

Show your appreciation for your trucker by helping him or her keep their cab clean. A small bucket of compact cleaning products will be welcomed by any trucker. Consider cleaning, preservation, and water repelling products as well as cab fresheners, cleaning wipes, microfiber cloths, wash mitts, and other items to keep their truck spic and span!


Foot and Hand Warmers
In case of emergency this winter, give your truck driver a set of charcoal activated foot and hand warmers. For a major upgrade to the disposable options, consider rechargeable foot warmers or socks. They’re great for working outside whether on the job, hunting, hiking, or tailgating.


Gift Subscriptions

Make long hauls more engaging by gifting your truck driver streaming services. Music streaming services are blissfully ad-free with full subscriptions. Access to a video streaming service provides drivers a welcome way to wind down and relax after a long day on the road.



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