What We Do

In 2021, TanTara Transportation Corp. is celebrating our fourth decade as a national transportation provider. We have been a proven and dependable carrier for 40 years. Taking care of people is what we do.

We’re proud to be a fleet trucking Iowa company and know you’ll appreciate our Midwestern hospitality and work ethic.

At TanTara, we know we’re only as good as our word. If we give you our word, we will complete the job. If there is anything we can’t deliver, we‘ll find someone who can. Honesty and integrity is what our company is founded on and those core values have solidified our reputation.

In the rapidly changing shipping industry, TanTara is constantly evolving to meet our customer's needs. No matter what your request, TanTara will find a solution and provide safe and efficient service.

TanTara is your one-call transportation source. As you prepare to ship your next load on open bed flatbed trucks, dry van, curtain side conestoga trailer, or tank, call TanTara Transportation Corp. and speak with one of our courteous and professional Fleet Managers.

We can easily handle any loads that require special equipment or attention.

Our fleet includes:

48’ Flatbeds (open deck)

48’ Curtain Side Conestoga trailers

Specialized Extendable trailers

Liquid bulk tankers

53’ dry-vans

Our Conestoga flatbed trailers provide a higher level of safety and security for drivers and shippers. If you need to ship it, we can deliver it. Learn more about our capabilities.

TanTara's Brokerage Division can also handle your shipments. We can move your freight through our associate carriers, giving you even more capacity and flexibility. Contact us for more information on what TanTara, Fleet Trucking in Iowa, can do for you.

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