Flatbed Percentage Pay Program

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Flatbed Percentage Pay Program – TanTara Transportation

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The trucking industry is very diverse in the types of truck driver pay offered. Some companies offer Pay Per Mile, Stop Pay, Detention Pay, Experience Pay, Fuel and Safety Bonuses and Accessorial Pay to name a few. Percentage of Load Pay is widely considered one of the highest truck driver pay models in the industry though, which is why most owner-operators prefer to negotiate this model of pay.

TanTara Transportation takes a lot of pride in not being your average trucking company and that is why we are so excited to bring this new payment program to ALL our flatbed drivers. Founded by an owner-operator almost 40 years ago TanTara treats all drivers with respect and dignity. Our family- friendly environment is what attracts drivers and with our new flatbed pay program in place there’s never been a better time to join our team.

Professional Pay For Professional Work

As of October 2018, TanTara has transitioned into a percentage pay format from the traditional mileage pay for our flatbed drivers. TanTara’s Staff Accountant, Bill Alt, says, “Our new drivers don’t need to wait to start making good money. Pay is based on performance, so you don’t need to wait months or years to earn more cents per mile.”

Flatbed Truck Driving

Because the new flatbed percentage pay program is incentive based and takes into account several variables to ensure our drivers are getting the most out of the time they spend in their trucks, each driver is paid based upon how well they perform. As a result, employees have the opportunity to improve their percentage pay every 30 days.

Additionally, seniority has no direct impact on a driver’s percentage pay rate.  A driver could be with TanTara for two months and be making as much money as someone that has been with us for two years, or longer.

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“All of us at TanTara value the longevity of our employees and we reward that in several different ways, but the idea behind our percentage pay package is to reward drivers tomorrow for the quality of work they did today rather than making them wait until their anniversary date for a pay increase,” says TanTara Director of Safety, Dave Riggan.

“We feel that by giving our employees the opportunity to maximize their earnings early in their career with us, will encourage future employee longevity.”

How does the program work?

Drivers will earn between 24% to 32% of what TanTara is paid by the customer to haul their load. The average TanTara driver earns between 27%-30%. Experienced drivers start at 28% for their first month of employment. The pay rate you receive each month after that will be based on your performance, with a guaranteed base percentage rate of 25%.

There are three primary factors that determine a driver’s percentage amount.

  • Weekly Truck Revenue
    • This is based on a rolling weekly average.
    • The higher your weekly revenue, the higher the percentage rate the driver is paid.
  • Miles Per Gallon
    • This is measured this monthly.
    • It is measured compared to those operating in the same division on the same type of equipment as you.
  • Out of Route Miles
    • We compare dispatched miles to odometer miles.
    • The highest a driver can score is 4% out of the route.
    • This is to accommodate for odometer miles versus short miles.

Truck Driver Inside Cab

Earn additional points for your performance.

Our drivers have the opportunity to maximize their earning potential with supplementary areas that TanTara focuses on every month.

  • Truck Appearance – Clean truck equals higher pay.
  • CSA Score — Points are awarded based upon the driver’s CSA score at the end of each month.
  • Each year of service — These points are cumulative.
  • Certifications — TWIC card & Tanker endorsements can earn you bonus points.
  • 1st ETA of Week — Additional points can be earned for starting your week at the customer location with a 10-hour break already completed.
  • Tarp Pay
  • Stop Pay
  • Breakdown Pay
  • Layover Pay
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Detention Pay
  • Over-Dimensional Pay
  • Vacation Pay

Flatbed Driver

Percentage Statistics

Since the start of the program, drivers have gone from .47 CPM to averaging .68 CPM. At TanTara, our drivers have averaged a weekly gross of $1,431.32 since the implementation of the new pay program.

“The new pay package has been great! Not only has it increased our drivers’ weekly paychecks, but it has given drivers some control over their earnings,” reports Anthony Longhurst, TanTara’s Fleet Manager.

Our Logistics Director, Matt Hubbs, states, “The flatbed percentage pay program gives our drivers the opportunity to think and act like owners with the expenses.”

So if you want to learn more about working for TanTara, contact us today!



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