Experienced Truck Drivers Needed

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TanTara Transportation is a great fit for experienced drivers who are committed to their career and personal development. See if your skills and needs match TanTara’s standards.

What are we looking for in prospective drivers?

All experienced drivers should know and follow DOT and FMCSA regulations which is standard at all trucking companies. At TanTara, we are seeking employees who are dedicated to our company and are focused on completing their freight deliveries. Our developed system encourages drivers to think like owner operators, so in the future, drivers could become owner operator partners with TanTara. We want to continue our success within our company, and we know the best way to accomplish that is to enhance within. When we hire drivers, we not only provide a great pay package, but we entrust our loyalty and expect to receive it in return.

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What are the benefits when working for TanTara?


In addition to your pay package, working with quality equipment is a highlight to experienced drivers. When you are on the road, you want to know your truck is travel-ready and equipped with the necessities, and at TanTara, expect nothing less. In our company, no one is just a number; we know our employees’ names and create a friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy their job. Just as we respect our employees’ hard work for our company, we also respect their time spent off the road. Spending time with family is important, so by sticking to our schedule, drivers can expect to depend on their days off. If an appointment or life event pops up, we are flexible and give our drivers time off.Facebook Testimonials

Does TanTara offer sign-on bonuses?

TanTara rewards drivers with performance-based pay as well as referral bonuses, sign-on bonuses, and quarterly performance bonuses. Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses you can receive as a TanTara driver.

Seasoned Sign-On Bonus:

$8,000 for 10 years of experience
$5,000 for 3-9 years of experience
$3,000 for 1-2 years of experience

You will receive your first bonus payout of $1,000 upon completion of your first week of work!

Referral Bonus:

$5,000 to TanTara drivers who refer a new driver with 1+ year of experience

Quarterly Performance Bonuses:

Up to $6,600 per year

The more experience you have, the bigger the bonus! Plus, when you drive for TanTara, you’ll receive performance bonuses each quarter.

Aside from the bonuses, our performance-based pay enables you to earn to your highest potential. Flatbed drivers start at 28% and earn up to 32%. Van drivers earn up to 57 cents per mile. And our lease purchase program is one of the most honest and affordable lease purchase programs available. Depending on your routes, you can earn from $70,000 to $100,000 per year.

Do you provide training?

Experienced drivers are required to have two days of professional driver orientation where tests are completed, and procedures, policies and expectations are explained. TanTara’s training program is always presented to new employees, so we can have an interactive Q&A if needed. We don’t believe in safety videos because we want to present valid, current information to all employees.


Read why our employees love working for TanTara Transportation from our Facebook reviews.

Apply today and find the fit you’ve been searching for, a company that will treat you with the respect and responsibility you deserve as an experienced driver.



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