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TanTara Owner Operator

Owner Operators Are An Important Part Of Our Family.

Chat with TanTara employees, and you’ll notice a word each of them use to describe their job – Family. Everyone who works at TanTara feels like they’re part of a family, which makes them appreciate their job so much more. Although contracting with TanTara as an owner-operator is a bit different than traditional fleet driving, all drivers are part of the same team and understand how extremely valuable they are to the company. Trust us. You’ll want to apply today!

We’re Not Like Your Last Boss

Everyone knows time is money, but unlike your last employer, TanTara understands how important flexibility is to you. Our dispatch department treats each driver as a person and not just another number. TanTara dispatchers know drivers by name, sometimes even by voice, and are willing to work with owner-operators on the loads they get as well as where they’re taking them. Dispatch departments in other companies are demanding, hammer drivers with loads and locations they don’t want, and is the epitome of what we steer clear of. Forced dispatch is the fastest way to kill driver morale and turn away valuable drivers.

Becoming a TanTara owner-operator gives drivers the freedom and flexibility they can’t find with other companies. Want home time on the weekends? You’ve got it. Want to be on the road every day? Go for it. We want our owner-operators to have the power to call the shots, not the other way around.

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“My previous long-time contract employer was bought out, so I decided it was a good time to set out and find new opportunities. As a 34-year veteran of the industry I’ve learned the best employer is one that treats you like family, and for the past year-and-a-half TanTara has been that place for me.” –Don Ferguson, Owner-Operator

It’s Simple: Haul Freight & Get Paid

Our goal is for drivers to gross at least $5,000 per week while doing everything we can to get them more. We run drop & hook loads as often as possible and have a 95% success rate for same-day reloads, which means our owner-operators are constantly moving cargo.

TanTara passes fuel savings on to drivers which allows them to increase their profit margin even more. Imagine saving up to 40¢ or 50¢ per gallon at participating truck stops and getting RIF points to use on what you want, how much money will that save you over the long run?

Our priority is your safety. We do things by the book but don’t expect drivers to walk on eggshells around our safety director. We’re committed to keeping drivers safe on the road but understand infractions happen. The only way to correct a problem is to tackle it head on, work with drivers to make it right, and move forward together as a team committed to achieving the same goals. Finish an application and start getting paid!

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A No-BS Approach

Each of TanTara’s executives put in their time on the road which means there’s little thrown at them they haven’t dealt with firsthand. Our drivers know we have an open-door policy, and we encourage them to take advantage of it. We don’t beat around the bush when communicating with our drivers; we simply try to give them the answers they’re looking for. Although we shoot straight, we’re also a compassionate bunch that always looks out for the best interest of our people.

We Love Looking Sharp

There’s nothing better than looking good while grabbin’ gears! TanTara trailers look great and pull even better. Our attention to detail allows drivers to stay on the road longer because they don’t have to deal with equipment failures. Our trailers are extremely well maintained and held to the highest standards, an attitude that is adopted by our dedicated drivers.

Have a classic rig? Great! TanTara doesn’t place an age limit on trucks. We take safety seriously, so as long as your truck passes a level 1 DOT inspection at the shop and looks presentable, you’re in. To put it simply, we’re excited to have some longnose Peterbilts, chromed-out Kenworths, or mean looking Macs join the TanTara family!

$92 Hourly Shop Rate

There’s nothing worse than paying a shop tech over $150/hr to work on your truck. We realize owner-operators are running a business too, which is why we try and limit the overhead you’re absorbing. A discounted shop rate leads to real savings when your truck is getting an A/B service every 11,000 miles.

TanTara Truck Mechanic

While completing preventative maintenance (PM) or repair, if our technicians find any problems, we will immediately notify you and coordinate truck maintenance with your driver to fix these equipment issues.

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As you can tell there, are a lot of benefits to joining the TanTara family as an owner-operator, but above all else, we want you to join us because it’s the right fit for you. We understand there may be companies out there who may pay more; but drivers choose to stay with us, and those who leave come back to us because they recognize the benefit of feeling like they belong.


Fill out your application today and get on the road with TanTara.


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