VA Jobs – Kenny De Witt Joins The Veterans Apprenticeship Program

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va jobsKenny De Witt Joins The Veterans Apprenticeship Program

Saying TanTara Transportation is a welcoming environment for veterans and U.S. Service members is an understatement. This company was founded by Vietnam war veteran Mike Riggan, whose son Dave is TanTara’s Safety Director and an Iraq war veteran. We know the difficulties that can accompany transitioning back into civilian life, which is why we take our shared experiences and apply them to something mutually beneficial – building a strong business with our employees. Veteran employees have a strong character and great work ethic which is why we continue to hire these individuals. It’s no wonder how we’ve built a workforce made up of almost 30 percent veterans.


The Riggan family and TanTara are proud to offer a veteran apprenticeship program to all qualified individuals. To give you an idea of what this program entails we’ll share the story of Kenny De Witt with you.


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Kenny was enlisted in the United States Air Force for nine years before medically retiring as a boom operator in 2014. After transitioning back into civilian life, Kenny started a concrete and landscaping operation. As with any business, Kenny wanted to quickly improve and grow, leading him to explore options that could make his operation more efficient. Eventually, Kenny found the TanTara Veteran Apprenticeship program which would benefit his own business in more ways than one. Because Kenny served nine years in the armed forces, he was eligible to receive educational assistance through the VA, which includes the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, Select Reserve GI Bill, and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.


The U.S. government has created several programs that make it easier for ex-military personnel to re-enter the civilian workforce, and receive necessary skills training.


Many trucking companies actively recruit veterans and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces and participate in the various government programs available to those drivers. Even for drivers that have exhausted their GI Bill or educational military benefits, many companies are targeting specific benefits and CDL programs towards veterans of the Armed Forces.


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TanTara’s Veteran Assistance Program can do for you what it did for Kenny. Depending on your eligibility you may be able to collect income from both the GI Bill® and TanTara while you’re training and after you get out on the road for up to 12 months. Individuals like Kenny who are detail oriented will likely find no trouble with this program. If you’re unsure what you’re owed, simply contact the VA for details and assistance.


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