Truck Driving Championships

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The 2015 Iowa Truck Driving Championships were held in June at Prairie Meadows Hotel and Conference Center in Altoona. 119 professional truck drivers competed in the two day event. All the drivers were tested in four areas; pre-trip vehicle inspection, written exam, personal interview, and driving skills.

To participate in the event, the driver must have an accident free record 12 months prior to the event and have been employed by the same company for one year prior. The drivers must also possess an outstanding attitude and have illustrated a commitment and dedication to safety.

TanTara was represented by a team of 3 drivers. They are Rick Sorensen, Lorenzo Crowther, and Mike Hines. TanTara proudly thanks Rick, Lorenzo, and Mike for their professionalism and respectful representation of our company at this event!


Time Zones

Pacific Zone

9:17 PM

Mountain Zone

10:17 PM

Central (home)

11:17 PM

Eastern Zone

12:17 AM