Top 5 Did You Know…

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This edition of the Top 5 is dedicated towards the continued celebration of our 35 year anniversary in 2016!

  1. TanTara had a driver struck by lightning TWICE and he survived both times!
  2. Mike Riggan was shot at, not once but twice in a three month period in 1983 during the Trucker Strike. The first time was in Kalamazoo, MI parked on the side of the road where the bullet hit the driver’s door and came within inches of striking Mike. The second time was just three months later in Peoria, IL when a bullet hit the back of the sleeper.
  3. The current TanTara Logo was designed in 2004 and trademarked in 2010.
  4. In 2004 TanTara’s fleet went through a significant change when Mike made the decision to start ordering all trucks in the color black. For the 23 years prior, the fleet had consisted of trucks of all different colors. The move to black was a result of the new logo being implemented and in efforts to further brand the company.
  5. TanTara first started pulling flatbeds in 1995 at the request of a new customer, Musco Sports Lighting, which was conveniently located just across street from TanTara’s then new location on Stewart Road.


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