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More Freedom and Earnings with TanTara’s Lease Purchase Program

More control, more responsibility, and more earning potential—that’s what truck drivers can expect when they become Owner Operators. But how can a driver afford to buy a truck? TanTara’s Lease Purchase Program makes the process easier and more affordable for entrepreneurial truck drivers. In place since 2019, this program creates a lease-to-own contract so truck drivers can become Owner Operators in about two years.

When you enter the Lease Purchase Program, you not only get on the road to increasing your earning potential—you also pave the way to greater control over your money and your time on the road. If you are interested in owning your own business, the Lease Purchase Program allows you to do that. Within a couple of years, you can be calling the shots on your very own truck.

How Lease Purchase Works

Here’s how the TanTara Lease Purchase Program works. The program leases a truck to the driver, which they pay for with weekly payments over two years. While there is no down payment required, the company requires that the Lease Purchase driver establish a $1,000 maintenance reserve to cover any unexpected truck repairs. With weekly payments of about $350 per week over 24 months, they pay for the truck and receive the keys.

TanTara Lease Purchase Program Details

  • No money down
  • 3- to 4-year-old truck
  • 2-year lease term
  • Weekly payments
  • $1,000 maintenance reserve

Owner Operators who have gone through the Lease Purchase Program report feeling a greater sense of control over their schedule and earnings. They can be their own boss, making more money and getting home when they want or need to be with their families.

“Becoming an Owner Operator, I have more control over my money and what I do. It has worked out great,” says Mark, who just completed the Lease Purchase Program in 2021. “TanTara treats you like family. They are honest about everything.”

Best Lease Purchase Program

Longtime driver Gail has been with TanTara for 5 months. Being an Owner Operator means more time at home with her family. She appreciates getting home on weekends and having quality equipment.

Owner Operator Jobs

“TanTara will make sure you succeed. They give you the tools. Plus, they know your name and make you feel like family,” Gail says.

“Being an Owner Operator gives you a sense of responsibility of being your own boss and running your own schedule,” says Tim, a 16-year driver who purchased a flatbed truck through TanTara. He loves driving the flatbed, which gets him outside and keeps him active.

Best Owner Operator jobs

TanTara created this program in 2019 to allow more drivers an affordable opportunity to become Owner Operators for the company. Mike Riggan, Founder of TanTara Trucking, and General Manager Randy Van Zee both started as lease operators.

Check out some of our newest Owner Operators, and give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about the industry’s most affordable lease to own truck driving program.

For more information about our Owner-Operator Lease Purchase Program, please visit our Careers Page

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