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 35 Years of Experience and Integrity

TanTara is a premier Iowa transportation company.  At TanTara, we keep our promises. When we give you our word, you can rely on us to complete the job. We have a wide range of trucks and trailers for all your company’s transportation needs. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll provide a solution.

In all we do, we are honest and sincere. At TanTara, this open communication is the key reason we’ve succeeded for more than 35 years.

We take great pride in our reputation, safety record, work ethic, excellent equipment, and professional drivers. Each and every load we deliver is done in a professional and prompt manner.


Our Equipment and Drivers Represent Your Company

No detail is too small for TanTara. From strategically and securely strapping down flatbed loads to transporting valuable materials across the country, we are meticulous in all we do.

TanTara represents your business and brand. We take great pride in the appearance of both our trucks and our drivers.

At TanTara, we’ve very selective about who we hire. Those we choose undergo a rigorous training process. The result is experienced drivers to handle all your company’s products. TanTara drivers will safely transport your cargo and protect your valuable materials and products.

Our veteran drivers are titled “TopGuns.” They’re our company’s eyes and ears. In fact, each time a TopGun encounters another TanTara driver out on the road, they’re required to inspect their fellow driver and their equipment and load. This process helps ensure that each driver has a safe and secure load, a professional appearance, and a well-maintained truck.


Specialized Capabilities

We can handle any type of shipping including — but not limited to — dry vans, tanks, flatbeds, oversized trailers, and Conestogas. We also ship a variety of products and materials.

Many of our loads are for the metals market, including aluminum and steel.  We also carry office furniture, building materials, agricultural chemicals, road salts, and much more.

TanTara will manage all of your specialized transportation requests. However, if we can’t meet your need, we use a brokerage division and will find associate carriers who can.

In addition to trucking services, we offer a full-service heavy-duty tractor/trailer maintenance shop. We specialize in the maintenance of all tractor/trailer types.


Safety is Our Priority

We are serious about safety at TanTara and have an excellent safety record.

As our business continues to grow and evolve, we continuously work to achieve a higher level of safety performance. We teach our drivers the proper way to tarp a flatbed load, drive without accidents, and handle a truck in inclement weather.

Trust TanTara with your all transportation needs.  To learn more about transporting with TanTara Transportation, contact us at 800-650-0292 or online here.

TanTara Safe, TanTara Strong.

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