Tips For Hiring a Midwest Commercial Transportation Company

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If you’ve ever hired a moving company, you know it’s important to talk with several businesses, ask for price quotes, and check referrals. When you receive cost estimates, you also know you get a wide variety of prices. But when it comes to your personal household items, do you automatically take the lowest bid or do you choose the company you trust to do the job right? Most people work with the business they trust.

The same rules apply for freight. If you have items you need to ship, you need to ensure you have the best possible midwest commercial transportation company available. For more than 35 years, family-owned and operated TanTara Transportation has provided reliable and honest service to all our clients across the U.S.

At TanTara, we believe there are five questions you need to ask before you decide which trucking company is best for you.

1. How long have you been in business? Reputation is key. You need a carrier who is experienced and has a long track record of providing exemplary service. Our drivers are highly trained. We also believe in hiring veterans; 30 percent of our employees are veterans. Don’t trust your valuable cargo to a fly-by-night operation. Instead, rely on the professionals at TanTara and our nearly four decades of experience.

2. Tell me about safety record. Ensuring that your load is delivered safely and hauled by well-trained drivers will give you peace of mind. At TanTara, we take safety very seriously. It’s part of everything we do — including our select hiring process and our WorkSteps safety training program — and our drivers are the best and the brightest. We take pride in our low accident history and invite you to talk with our Safety Director Dave Riggan.

3. What type(s) of freight do you prefer to haul? Some carriers prefer to haul items on pallets, some like to ship loose freight, and some specialize in a certain industry. We’re constantly evolving to meet all your needs. At TanTara, we work with a wide variety of independent contractors. If you need to ship it, we can deliver. And if we can’t meet your request, we’ll find someone who can.

4. What equipment do you offer? Just as every shipment order is different, so too is the need for different types of fleet vehicles. Make sure your carrier has a variety of well-maintained equipment to handle all your items. At TanTara, our fleet includes 48’ flatbeds, 48’ Conestoga trailers, liquid bulk tankers, extendable trailers, and 53’ dry vans. Our TanTara Truck Repair specializes in fleet maintenance management so our trucks are always road ready.

5. What do your customers say about you? Check references, talk to other clients, and ask questions before you hire a transportation company. At TanTara, we welcome these types of inquiries. We believe in open communication and honesty. As a family company, we treat both our employees and clients with respect and kindness. Our customers admire our integrity, our focus on safety, and our dependability.

We look forward to working with you soon. Request a quote today.

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