Diesel Technician Shortage

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diesel mechanic

Diesel Mechanics Needed!

Why The Shortage?
A severe shortage of trained and qualified diesel technicians is causing demand to skyrocket! A number of factors have led to the industry’s current shortage, namely retiring baby boomers, fewer diesel technician graduates, and an economy that’s on the move.

The number of diesel technician graduates has decreased over the years for a variety of reasons. Many qualified individuals have been steered away from the occupation because their parents considered it to be a low-skill job that their kids shouldn’t go in to. They couldn’t be more wrong! Not only can you attend a school for specialized diesel technician training, but it is much more cost-effective and increases your chances of landing a great job after graduation. Many who choose this career path are years ahead of their peers pursuing a 4-year degree, often out-earning them and jumpstarting their path to future promotions. Although the occupation has changed dramatically, labor-intensive careers are viewed as less valuable than white-collar ones. As this generation realizes the dynamic nature of this career path and the real-world impact it has, hopefully, the views associated with it will continue to go away.

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Diesel Technician

A Changing Industry
Modern vehicles, including tractor-trailers, have integrated many high-tech components and operating systems into their design which requires a tech-savvy specialist to work on them. A diesel tech. is likely to spend as much time with a computer in their hands as a wrench nowadays. To put it plainly, the job of a diesel tech. today looks nothing like it did 20, 15, or even 10 years ago. There is a high level of satisfaction that can be achieved in this career especially if you like a challenge. Troubleshooting issues and mastering new technology is commonplace within this field.

Gain Some Stability
Employees within every industry are primarily concerned with job security and opportunities for growth. Diesel technicians have experienced high job security and are frequently exposed to opportunities for growth.  A technician’s primary function can be summarized as providing a solution to someone’s problem, which entails problem-solving, excellent communication, computer expertise, and executing the fix. Possessing these skills makes a diesel tech extremely valuable to the company and allows them to make lateral or vertical career changes.

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Diesel techs. who join the TanTara family are counted on to provide proper maintenance for our fleet. We promote an exceptional preventative maintenance program, including VIK tank inspections and tractor alignments. Technicians may also be involved in major and minor repairs depending on their skill set and area of expertise. Having mechanics that can perform both job functions allows us to catch and fix many other problems.

TanTara Truck Mechanic

Join The Family
New technicians enjoy our 10,000 square foot maintenance shop, a nice change for anyone stuffed into a small facility with too many bays. Ben Garrett, TanTara’s Maintenance Manager says “current techs enjoy working for a family-owned business and not feeling like they’re just another number. They also enjoy the reliability of a 40-hour work week and the predictability of overtime. TanTara shop employees aren’t micro-managed which creates a more relaxed atmosphere.” Overall, TanTara is a pretty tight-knit group because the owners are working hard right along-side everyone else, not off making decisions behind closed doors.

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