From 6 Wheels to 18 Wheels – Mark Devol joins the TanTara family.

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Transition To OTR Trucking

OTR Trucking

Mark Devol was no stranger to the trucking industry before making his move to join the TanTara Family. As a driver for Pepsi, he spent 24 years behind the wheel, traveling his routes and mastering the art of urban driving with a truck. Since he was comfortable operating a delivery truck the transition to an OTR rig was pretty easy.

When a recruit wants to join the TanTara team, there is a mandatory CMV training program everyone completes. Mark soaked up all of the material and information throughout the training process, which impressed TanTara trainer Van Green. Van has had the honor of working with many trainees throughout his two years with TanTara and was impressed with how quickly Mark was able to catch on.

OTR Truck driver training

Mark Devol during CMV training program

From Pepsi truck operator to OTR driver, Mark Devol made an easy transition.

OTR Trucking Is An Exciting Career

Since completing training and earning his CDL Mark has been able to put his skills to work, traveling the country as part of the TanTara family. Being an outdoorsman, he especially enjoys the scenery and mountainous areas of the country, appreciating the beauty of every mile driven.


Mark’s successful transition to TanTara, aside from his own knowledge and skill, can be partially credited to his instructor Van Green. As an industry veteran, Van has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and insight that he’s able to share with trainees. In his 20-plus years on the road, Van has continued to improve as a professional driver, consistently looking for ways to sharpen his skills and move up the ladder. As a TanTara trainer, Van can share his knowledge with others, which he really enjoys, and helps them to become safe and successful drivers.

OTR trainer

Mike Riggan – President, Van Green – Driver/Trainer, Randy Van Zee – General Manager

Both Mark and Van were incredibly happy with their smooth transition to TanTara, and are equally satisfied with the benefits that come along with it. Becoming a driver for TanTara came down to three major criteria for each of these guys: Home-time, benefits, and culture. Mark and Van wanted reasonable home-time, a good benefits package, and a place that really felt like home. Both of them got the home-time they wanted, a benefits package that is better than most, and are now part of what feels like a real family.


If you’re considering a change in your career look no further than the TanTara family. We make the transition process easy and get you on the road as quickly as possible. Contact a recruiter today with any questions you have.

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