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If you think being a flatbed driver is great, wait until you hear about the best parts of training other flatbed drivers! If you’re passionate about your skills and enjoy helping others succeed while making good money, keep reading to learn more about a career as a Flatbed Driver Trainer with TanTara Transportation!

You probably have questions and we’ve got the answers, so here are a few to get things rolling!

1. What are the benefits to becoming a Flatbed Driver trainer?

2. What are the hours and pay?

3. What type of training will I be providing to other drivers?

4. The TanTara Experience

Flatbed Driver

1. Benefits of Training Flatbed Drivers

We talked to Dan Britain, a 26-year veteran flatbed driver, who has been a trainer at TanTara Transportation for the last two years, about the advantages of being a flatbed trainer.

Three benefits that rise to the top of Dan’s list:

  1. Making extra money can’t be beat

  2. Being home with family every day is great.

  3. Sharing expertise of safety and securement with new people is rewarding!

Dan has flatbed driving and securement experience and a Class A CDL. He loves the lifestyle, the pay, and the equipment TanTara provides. TanTara looks for drivers like Dan who are good communicators and have metal product securement knowledge.

Flatbed Driver Trainer Dan Britain

2. Flatbed Training Pays Up to $500 Extra per Week

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a flatbed driver trainer is the extra pay. At TanTara, experienced flatbed drivers who are good trainers can earn up to $2,000 EXTRA per month. For Dan, the extra $100 per day makes a big difference to him and his family.

Flatbed trainers take on the responsibility of working with another driver one on one, including driving out and back with them on trips for a couple of weeks. Because trainers ride along with new drivers, successful trainers should have a professional demeanor, even keel, and a good amount of patience.

Flatbed On-the-Job Training

3. Flatbed Training is On-the-Job Training

Because each flatbed load is unique and safety is paramount, flatbed drivers need to be shown the ropes. For a couple of weeks, Dan works side by side with flatbed drivers to train them in securement techniques for the loads of metal parts as well as the computer they need to use to log trips. He provides & shares his expertise in all aspects of metal load securement, as each load is unique.

“There’s no manual for flatbed loads,” Dan says. “We train overnight, going over everything so the trainee gets the idea. I teach them the fastest and smartest ways to do things so they can keep the tires turning and making money.”

Dan’s strapping techniques shave 20 minutes off of the securement process, and he shows them his method for tarping loads, too. He usually drives the truck on the first trip out and lets the flatbed trainee drive on the way back. After that, he rides along with the trainee to help with securement and make sure they are ready to roll.

Dan likes meeting new people and helping them out, especially in a job where safety is so important.

“It’s a lot of judgment and common sense. You have to pay attention to the details,” he explains.

He feels accomplished each time a trainee leaves feeling confident in all the aspects of flatbed driving.

“It feels good knowing that you’ve done something good for someone, to keep them from having incidents when they leave.”

Flatbed Driver of the Month

A perfect example of Dan’s training skills came in February 2022, when Tony Brown was awarded “Driver of the Month”. When Tony was asked about receiving the award, he immediately mentioned the things that he learned during training & was very quick to credit his trainer, Dan Britain!

“For a guy who has been a flatbed driver for less than a year, Tony’s load securement techniques challenge those of a 20 year veteran. Tony credits this to his trainer, Dan Britain.”

4. Training for TanTara

Dan has driven for other companies, but he came back because he liked TanTara’s family-oriented approach and quality flatbed equipment.

“I’m home every day and get to see my wife and kids. They look out for their drivers,” he says. “Plus, the equipment is top par. They do good maintenance on their equipment, and they supply everything, including securement equipment, wipers, and even headlights.”

If you have flatbed driving experience and want to make more money, you should consider becoming a flatbed driving trainer at TanTara. We’re hiring now!

Find out what it takes to be a flatbed trainer.

  • Current Class A CDL required.
  • Flatbed securement experience.
  • Metal product securement knowledge (including coils).
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Trainers earn an ADDITIONAL $2,000/month!

Call us at 563-262-8621 8a-5p for more details or “Apply Now”

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