Hiring Only The Best: TanTara’s Guide to a Professional Fleet

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For more than three decades, TanTara Transportation has been a trusted national carrier. We believe our success is due to one major reason: our people.

At TanTara, we’re more than a business; we’re a family. Because we treat our team members the same way we treat our clients, we have very satisfied employees and very high retention rates. For our employees it’s more than a truck driving job. When you’re hired at TanTara, you become part of our family.

We recognize that putting people first begins at the top. So we walk the walk. For example, all our drivers have our president’s private cell phone number. He knows everyone by name.

We take our time when selecting new team members. Though we usually hire drivers with a year of more of experience, we also welcome the chance to provide opportunities to new drivers. That’s because we hire for attitude, knowing that skills can be taught. We want friendly, professional, and hard-working employees in our fleet, drivers who want to learn. This truck driving job will keep you on your toes.

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As part of our hiring process, we require that all our applicants successfully complete the WorkSTEPS program. This program matches a driver’s capabilities with the essential functions of the job. It helps us ensure that our prospective drivers have the mental and physical stamina to safely perform all job duties.

At TanTara, we are an equal opportunity employer and love to see women behind the wheel of a big rig. In fact, women are filling the need for more driving positions. We hire people based upon their work ethic. Period.

We also support our military men and women. Our president is a proud veteran. More than 30 percent of our team members are also veterans. We help smooth the transition for veterans from deployment to employment.

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Just as we like having a clean and sparkling fleet, we also value the professional appearance of our drivers. We know first impressions matter. That’s why we hire team members who take pride in their appearance.

We’re very honest with people who apply for employment at TanTara. We know flatbed trucking isn’t for everyone. It can be grueling work, including tarping and hauling. We explain our expectations and hire only the best and brightest.

One of the reasons we enjoy a family-like atmosphere is because we truly trust the people we hire. Our highly trained fleet drivers know that safety is our priority. Trust our drivers to meet your deadlines. We get the job done right the first time.

To show our appreciation for our driver’s loyalty and hard work, we provide generous benefits and recognition. When our drivers celebrate their 10th anniversary with TanTara, we send them on an all-expense paid vacation wherever they choose.

We value our driver family members. We realize they are the cornerstone of our success. Our drivers are the face of TanTara. And we appreciate all their hard work and the superior customer service they provide to all our customers.

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