TanTara Driver Referral Program

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driver referral program

TanTara Driver Referral Program

When you’re employed somewhere that treats you right, makes you feel like more than just a truck number, and gives you everything you need to succeed, you’re probably going to share that experience with someone you know. Unintentionally recruiting new drivers to TanTara is pretty common for our drivers because they don’t even know they’re doing it. When a TanTara driver is talking to a friend or old coworker and hears them complain about their current employer, the conversation usually turns to how our driver genuinely enjoys working with us. When other drivers hear TanTara employees talk about how much they enjoy being here, it makes them want to achieve the same results. Then our driver receives a seemingly random $500 check as a referral bonus, just for talking with someone about what it’s like to be a TanTara employee.

Referral Success

Alvie Lohr and Leo Ritter, both of Hutchinson, KS have known each other for quite a while and are part of a successful referral story. Alvie has worked in the industry for eighteen-plus years and has made a lot of contacts in that time. In 2016 he decided to join the TanTara team and was quickly convinced it is somewhere he’d like to retire from. Alvie explains his experience as, “a real team effort between drivers and staff, where they treat everyone with dignity and respect.” His enthusiasm for the company caught the attention of a friend, Leo Ritter, who Alvie has known to be a loyal person, takes care of his equipment, and is extremely proud of what he does. These qualities are a great fit with TanTara so he mentioned the possibility of Leo joining the team.

truck driver referral program

As someone with a strong background in the industry, Leo is no stranger to companies with a bad culture. He explains that “TanTara is the first company I’ve worked for that  feels like they actually give a damn about me.” Leo continues to be impressed with how TanTara takes a real interest in their drivers, always looking out for their welfare and wellbeing. He says he is extremely likely to talk about TanTara with other drivers because he enjoys it so much, which will likely earn him referral bonuses in the future. Leo suggests that TanTara is the place to be if you’re tired of being pushed around by your current employer and feel like you’re just another number to them.

In the end, getting a referral bonus is pretty easy if you enjoy what you’re doing. Talking to someone about the perks of your job comes up pretty naturally in conversation. Don’t be surprised if you suggest another driver come to TanTara and you get a referral bonus shortly after.

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Specifics of the referral program:

All Drivers and Shop Staff are eligible for a potential $5,000 driver referral bonus! To qualify for the bonus, the driver candidate that is referred must have 1 year of experience in the field they are being hired for (Flatbed, Tank, Van, etc.). If they have less than 1 year of experience, you are still eligible for a $1,500 bonus!

Referral Flyers are available in our office that you can distribute to potential candidates. When you are talking to drivers that you plan to refer, be sure that driver knows to give us your name, or that you call us and tell us the name of your referral. It especially helps you get that driver’s name and phone number and give it to recruiting so we can pursue them.

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